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With only $300 in his pocket, Abdussalam Roussi came to the United States to become a teacher, only to see his school close down. To support his family, Abdussalam tried his hand at many industries until he found the an opportunity that allowed him to turn $10 into $40,000 – real estate. Now, Abdussalam can't wait to show you how ANYONE (including you) can create a reliable first or second income via real estate with no money, no credit, and no interest.

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How to find your First Interest-Free Property

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be Upon You)

If you have participated in any of our calls, you know that one of the first steps to being successful as a no-interest real estate investor is to find a property to invest in. But many people aren’t sure how to get started. Fortunately, with the right information, it’s easy, and there are only three steps.

  1. Make a decision to find the right property
  2. Use Good Observation Skills
  3. Take Action

Make a Decision to Find the Right Property

Being successful in real estate means making a decision to do everything you can to achieve success. So, if you want to find your first property, you must make a decision to do what it takes to find that property. This may mean getting up early in the mornings to drive around neighborhoods or dedicating some time on the weekend to take the family with you in search of property. No matter what time you choose, stick with it. Also, you might not know exactly what to do when you find that first property, but that’s OK. You’ll learn by doing, so take that first step and start looking.

Use Good Observation Skills

You are looking for a property that is For Sale By Owner (FSBO), not a property that is being listed by a Realtor or Broker. You’ll want to keep your eye out for this kind of sign. But, you also have to use good observation skills to find properties that owners are likely ready to sell. These may be properties with tall grass, un-shoveled sidewalks, or piled up mail. If it looks like no one lives there and the property hasn’t been cared for, it could be your next big success. Use good observation skills to locate properties that look like they could use help from a problem solver like you!

Take Action

Once you locate a property that looks like it could work — take action! Find the owner, either through internet research or by going to the neighbors and asking for more information. Call the owner and ask questions — why is the property vacant? Would he or she be interested in selling? What is wrong with the property?

Remember, it’s important to let the owner talk while you listen — you’ll find out good information that way, information that will allow you to be a better helper and to secure a better deal. 

And that’s it! Locating your first interest-free property isn’t challenging, but it takes time and dedication. However, once you start, you will be on the road to financial freedom and success. 

Once you find a property, please let me know by replying to this email. I would love to guide you through the next steps in purchasing your first interest-free property.

I wish you much success! 

– Abdusallam Roussi

My Story Can Be Your Story
Abdussalam Roussi with Muhummud Ali. Abdussalam taught at the Muhammad Ali Foundation in Chicago before he built a career in real estate.

Are you struggling to make ends meet with a salary or business income that just doesn’t seem to reach to the end of the month?

Do you wish you could give your family better options when it comes to education, healthcare, and entertainment?

Have you looked into many “income stream” opportunities only to wonder if they were scams or how anyone could invest the amount required to get started?

I’ve been there too.

I came to the United States from Morocco to work as a teacher. I started teaching Arabic and Islamic studies and loved it. In fact, I loved teaching so much that even after my school closed down, I continued teaching Arabic online. But I still needed to find a way to support my family, so I started trying different things. I tried imports and exports, sales, and even finding a corporate job — none of those were for me.

Then finally – I found it! My answer was real estate.

Through trial and error, persistence, and some serious courses at the school or hard knocks, I learned how to turn $10 into $40,000 by buying and selling properties. I then learned how to turn that $40,000 into a consistent income stream that allowed me to support my family and pursue my dream and love of teaching.

In fact, that’s why I’m writing this blog for you. I’m so excited to be able to combine my love for teaching with my experience and knowledge in real estate.

I can’t wait to help other people like me transform their lives by making money with real estate. It’s not quick, but it’s easy, and I can take you by the hand to show you every step in this process.

Your story can be my story. Book a FREE webinar today!